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#238 Aura of Love

A friend gave me a new way to describe/experience radiating love: walk through my day in an aura of love.

I like it! I like it a lot. It’s a joyful thing to do. It’s a simplifying thing to do. It’s a happy thing to do. It tickles my fancy. I laugh.

I’ve had to tie a string around my finger to remind myself to stay aware of my aura, but the more I practice, the better I get. Practice, practice, practice until I become the practice. Yes, I like it.

Try it. Let me know.

#237 Happiness and Kindness

Happiness and kindness. They are inseparable. If you can’t be kind, you’re not happy. If you’re not happy, you can’t be kind.

Want happiness? Be kind.

This week, practice kindness. With everyone and everything you encounter, be kind. Regardless of anything else happening in your life, be kind.

For this one week, practice kindness all day, every day. I’m going to do it. Join me, and I’m willing to bet that by the end of 7 days, we’ll all be noticeably happier.

Let me know.

#236 Profoundly Important

If it’s true that every moment of my life has led to this, then THIS must be a profoundly important moment.

When I have sufficient awareness to remember that every moment of my life has led to this moment, then I can choose to honor the profound importance of this moment by how I choose to live it.

In this moment, I choose to live the energy of curiosity.
In this moment, I choose to embody the energy of love.
In this moment, I choose to be the epitome of kindness.
In this moment, I choose to experience wonder.
In this moment, I choose to feel joy.

Or sometimes perhaps, in this moment I choose to surrender to grief.

But how often do I choose to use this one moment that every moment of my life has led to by experiencing shame, or anxiety, or anger? Is that really what I want all the moments of my life to have led to?

If I can feel shame, I can feel wonder. If I can feel anxiety, I can feel curiosity. How I live THIS moment is my choice. Choice is the great power of my life, and awareness is my ally. In this moment, I choose . . .

#232 It’s Neutral

Consider this:
The situation is neutral — it only becomes a positive experience or a negative experience according to the energy you impose upon it.
The circumstance is neutral — it is your perspective that turns it into a mess or a blessing.

Whenever I consider the power that one experiences from allowing the situation to be neutral, I am reminded of Nelson Mandela. In fact, as I was writing this Note, I learned that he had a quote taped to the wall of his prison cell: “I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.”

I have a small example of my own. This happened a few years ago. After throwing the 2nd wheel bearing in two days on our trailer (our home), and after being stranded on the shoulder of Interstate 35 north of Kansas City for a couple of hours, and after a mechanic arrived and chained the axle with the damaged wheel to the other trailer axle, I was pulling the trailer with only 3 of its 4 tires on the ground, and I was prepared to be really freaked out. Actually, I was well on my way to being freaked out. Oh my god! This is terrible!!

Then I decided to change my perspective. Why be freaked out? Was there something inherent in the situation that required me to be freaked out? Driving slowly, pulling my disabled trailer, I decided not to be freaked out. I decided to try gratitude instead.

Just like that, a situation that had been fraught with tension and anxiety became a situation filled with gratitude and curiosity. Just like that.

I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.