December 29, 2009

Do you love what is potential or what is real in yourself and others? “Potential” is a story we tell ourselves, a story about an imagined future (one of nearly an infinite number of possible futures). Can you love yourself and others for real, right here and now?

I just had my picture taken by a professional photographer, a new picture of me for my Web site (feel free to check it out). So the question came up for me — can I love myself for real, right here and right now? Whew.



December 21, 2009

Happy Holidays. As you visit family and friends, remember that everyone gets to be who they are. And you, to the very best of your ability, get to appreciate them for who they are. Not for who they might be, or could be, or should be, or ought to be, or who you want them to be; but appreciate them for who they are. Dare I say love them for who they are?

It may well be true — “all you need is love.” Happy holidays.



December 8, 2009

Not only is the golden rule “challenging, enlightening, irritating, delightful, informative, funny, kind, hopeful, humbling, inspiring, and seemingly endless,” as I said last week, but it is simple. It is unambiguous. It is clear. Either this is something I would like another to do, think, or feel towards me, or it isn’t. Period.

Of course, simple, unambiguous, and clear are not necessarily synonyms for easy.

Thanks to everyone who gave me suggestions and good wishes about my back. I was helped by your kind attention. My back is much better this week.

#63 5 Years!

Cave time

When dawn doesn’t arrive until after 7 am, and twilight comes by 5, it’s the perfect time to dwell within. In the midst of the manic energy of the “holiday season,” stay with your breath. Luxuriate in the long evenings by expanding your breathing minutes. Welcome the morning darkness with the peaceful calm of your breath. Participate with the season of dark with awareness of the cave that is your lungs. Feel the air circulate, experience the magic of being alive.


This is the time to return to your breath and water practice if you’ve fallen away. This is the time to deepen your practice if you’ve been constant. Give yourself the gift of the season, and spend time in your own interior. Be tenacious — return, deepen, return, deepen.


In fact, on December 21, there will be an hour and twenty-five minutes more daylight here in Blanco than in Minneapolis. And while it is bitter cold in Minnesota, it is merely chilly here. I do miss the snow, and the hot chocolate after ice skating, and walking in the park after a big snowfall, and the exhilaration of true cold. I do miss it, but only briefly.

Tenacity Notes

I see that I have been sending the Breath and Water Club Newsletter every other month since I began the Tenacity Notes. If you subscribe to the Breath and Water newsletter, and you want to also recieve the weekly Tenacity Notes, email me to tell me so. jett@savvypsychic.com or jett@mm.com

Happy Anniversary

The first Breath and Water Club Newsletter was sent five years ago, on December 4, 2004! Congratulations to us, every one!



December 1, 2009

No Notes this week. I tripped over the cat and twisted my back, and I’m laid up. But let me just say that practicing the golden rule has been challenging, enlightening, irritating, delightful, informative, funny, kind, hopeful, humbling, inspiring, and seemingly endless.