July 27, 2010

I was reading my Tenacity Notes blog the other morning, reading the past issues. (You know how to find the past issues, don’t you?) I was taken with the idea of impeccability. I was taken with it because, as I read, I had the distinct sense that I haven’t been living impeccably lately. But what, concretely, does that mean? How do I know that I’m not living impeccably? What’s the evidence? I want to recognize specific ways that my lack of impeccability shows up.

To that end, I am attempting to do two things:

One, keep a journal. I have only very occasionally kept a private journal, and I never knew why I was doing it. What was it’s purpose? Now I have something of a purpose — a desire for structure that will aid in my investigation of ways to live impeccably. I can have a discussion with myself about living impeccably, and I can have a discussion with myself about how I’m doing.

Two, a daily, or at least frequent, meditation on resentments and regrets. A meditation during which I will bring to mind old grievances and release them. In other words, I will retrieve myself from my history.

What do you think of my plan?

P.S. By this time next week I should be in Duluth. If you’re up there and want to schedule an in-person reading, call or email me. If you’re in the Cities, or other places within traveling distance of Duluth, think about coming to up and get a reading. Duluth is a lovely, lovely town.



July 13, 2010

Here are some of your responses from Tenacity Notes #47 — Eschew Expectations. I invite you to smile along with me.

“That’s impossible. You really pissed me off with this one, Jett.”
I guess I touched a nerve!

A day later, from the above reader:
“On second thought (fourth or fifth thought actually) I’ll give it a try. Grrrrrr…..”
When something stirs up an emotional response in us, there are riches there for us. Never doubt it.

“When I discover an expectation I try to remember this quote from some Al-Anon sisters — ‘Expectations are planned resentments.’ It always makes me chuckle.”
Yes, a good chuckle. And a good truism.

“So well and concisely said, Jett! I’d put up a sign, ‘deep benefit available here.’ We can’t hear this enough… Now, if I can just convince [my wife] about this.”
This one made me guffaw!

” [In] my circle of women. . . we made it simple to remember. It’s the 100/0 rule. You give 100% and expect 0% (nothing)! It works, and it’s easy to remember!”
You could also say, 100% openheartedness, 100% love, 100% appreciation,100% acceptance. 0% expectations. A good recipe!

And several of you said variations of “This is SO helpful!”



July 6, 2010

Mortals, gods, apotheothenai, friend,
what bridge, what road, doesn’t double as runway?
~ Andrea Cohen

Last week I said, about the choices others in your life make: “You have no idea where any particular choice will lead them, what path it will set them upon, what big-picture outcome it will engender.”

That’s no less true of the choices you make. Every path leads you somewhere. And from that somewhere, somewhere else. In that way, it is foolhardy to believe that you can make a wrong choice.

Trust yourself — not that you’ll make the “right” decision, but trust that you’ll take off, you’ll soar, from whatever path you take. Every road can double as a runway.