Hello again from Oaxaca.

The zocolo (the main square/garden) is filled with flowers, lights, live music, and with local people selling many things. My interactions with these venders have been both uplifting and humbling. But they are interactions that I welcome, and that I enjoy. Some “gringos” (mostly citizens of the United States) feel imposed upon and harassed by these venders.

Every day I am immersed in the new, the strange, the unusual. Every day I am presented with a choice; I can be amazed or I can be, as those (few, I hope) Americans are, indignant. I can be curious or I can be judgmental. I can be welcoming or I can be fearful.

Here, nothing is clearer than that I have a choice of how to respond. For me, that makes it easy. When the choice is obvious, I choose wonder.

But back in my everyday life, I’m not always so aware that I have a choice. The ruts take over, the patterns prevail, the usual rules. If there is anything I want to learn from my month in Oaxaca, even more than some spanish, it’s that, in all of my life, in every moment, I have a choice of how to respond.




Hello from Oaxaca, Mexico.

I am a bit overstimulated (which is a bit of an understatement!)  But I am practicing intentional breathing every morning and evening, and I imbue my water with the energy of appreciation – appreciation of everything, including myself. Appreciation keeps me connected to my heart, which keeps me connected to me. And so, overstimulated does not become overwhelmed.

If you’re likely to be overwhelmed by all the holiday brouhaha, stay connected to your heart; stay connected to who you know yourself to be. Breathe. Appreciate.

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